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stunt books

25 December 2007

So, it’s not just food and farm books in which someone does something (or does without something) for a year. An upcoming memoir about a father and son who watch three movies together each week as a condition of the son’s dropping out of school is also wrapped in the one year ribbon. I learned […]

the year of the year

24 December 2007

Perhaps we are now at the end of the year of the year. Too many writers recently have taken on one-year projects of deprivation or exploration and learned about themselves and the direction and purpose of their lives. Often the products were interesting, but the trope itself has become a bore. Are food and farm […]

a meaningful life

12 September 2007

The Unsettling of America My aim for this journal is to capture ideas and make connections between them. Wendell Berry’s Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture is an apt starting place because it thoughtfully addresses many things I care about and coherently relates them. I begin with the hope that I can do the same. […]